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About Batya Girls

With our easy free pickups from your door, we will take your old clothes and put them to good use.

Pick Purple is a project of Batya a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Good for you. Good for Others. Good for the environment.

The movement to reduce waste is a strong one in today’s disposable world, and Pick Purple is dedicated to helping that mission. No longer will your clothing take up space in landfills just because it doesn’t fit. Pick Purple will put your clothes, and shoes to use with all profits to charity.

De-clutter. Recycle. Receive a tax deduction. Help needy people. Support a great cause.

What could be better?!

How We Began

As a movement in which we encourage awareness of others and interest in helping to benefit society, Pick Purple was a natural byproduct of our girls’ initiative. Not wanting to discard their old clothes to the trash bin, and always looking to help others, our girls requested that we run local clothing drives, where they can help encourage the cycle of giving.

This idea soon evolved into a full-fledged project of Pick Purple, offering the public ongoing opportunity to donate clothes to a good cause. All clothing donated to Pick Purple is sorted and put to use based on its condition. Clothing is reused in the used clothing market, servicing needy people with affordable clothing. All profits generate funds for Batya, where we are dedicated to empowering teenage girls, creating the leaders of the next generation.

About Batya

Batya is a place to belong for teenage girls - a place to smile, chill, learn, laugh, and grow! Our mission is to give Jewish teenagers a meaningful and enjoyable experience while helping them mature and develop as happy, growing, responsible and confident adults.

Our assorted weekly programs are tailored to suit the varying needs and interests of today’s teens. Throughout the year we run weekly events offering learning, crafts and creativity, and volunteer and leadership training. Our girls are given the opportunity to explore their heritage in a relevant and enjoyable way.

An incredible array of trips and events are designed to strengthen relationships, skills, and self-awareness, while encouraging our girls to 'love life' with a fun and upbeat approach.

With branches throughout New Jersey, Long Island, and in Florida, Illinois and Maryland, Batya is touching the lives of hundreds of girls.

For more information visit www.batyagirls.org
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